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Smoke Alarms

A selection of smoke alarms featuring battery or mains power alternatives and available with various methods of sensing fire / smoke.

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CO Alarms

A variety of models of CO Alarm all designed to detect poisonous Carbon Monoxide. Digital, LCD and varying battery life options on offer.

Starting From 22.99 inc VAT

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Fire Extinguishers

A selection of fire extinguishers picked by the Chief Fire Officers Association because of their unique features and benefits to users.

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With our multi buy options you can make big savings on Blue Watch approved fire and safety products. All products are supplied with full warranty.

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Fire Risk Assessments

Blue Watch provides online fire risk assessments plus that will consider the risk to life from fire, CO and other related hazards.

Make your home environment safer

Whether you are a homeowner, landlord, tenant, student, an elderly person or simply enjoy camping, there are plenty of products and advice available to help minimise the risks of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

To help you determie which products can keep you and your family safe we have created specific sections which contain products relevant to the type of customer you choose.

Home Owners and Tenants Property Owners and Landlords Elderly and Vulnerable Students and Young People Caravans and Campers Boating and Marine
Secure Payment Options Available options include; credit/debit card and bank transfer